Indoor GPS & traffic analytics platform for physical stores.

How it works

SIRL’s solution is designed for rapid deployment and scalability


Set & Forget Installation

The cloud software layer contains our retail analytics dashboard


Install SDK

SIRL provides packaged SDK’s and step-by-step tutorials to embed into a retailer’s app in a matter of hours or less, enabling wayfinding, real-time marketing and shopper path tracking features


Map your Products

Upload your existing store planogram or use SIRL's "scan & map" companion app which locks down the location of your products while you scan.

SIRL’s SDK Suite

SIRL’s solution is designed for rapid deployment and scalability

Wayfinding SDK

Help shoppers find products with 12-inch accuracy.

Provide optimized routes for shoppers and employees looking to fulfil an entire shopping list.

Shopper Path Tracking SDK

Track and shopper’s journey down to 12-inches.

Feed deep traffic and dwell insights to SIRL’s dashboard.

Works even if phone is locked and in a pocket.

Real-Time Shopper Marketing SDK

Send real-time promotions to customers on their device while they are shopping.

Trigger promotions based on in-store location (down to 12-inches) and dwell time.

SIRL's Technology Highlights

SIRL produces its own proprietary hardware and SDK, enabling class leading accuracy and reliability. SIRL provides 3 service layers:

Maintenance Free Satellites are Solar Powered

A SIRL SDK can be easily integrated into an existing mobile app

SIRL does not require any signal mapping

A store can be set up in a matter of hours

SIRL can also track shopping carts


Live demo

To view a live demo in a SIRL partner store or for any inquiries please give us your email address below and we’ll be in touch.

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