Indoor GPS & traffic analytics for physical stores

Building the most scalable, robust, accurate,
and feature-rich Real-Time Location System


SIRL’s wayfinding solution is helping customers save time and retailers avoid missed sales from customers who cannot find their products.

Key Features​

  • Navigate customers right to a product​
  • Provide optimized routes for shopping lists, so customers can find their products with the shortest path​
  • Advanced routing UX, including multi-floor map handling

Online Order Picking Optimization

Provide optimized pick and pack routes for order fulfilment:

  • Pick multiple orders at a time​
  • Real time results​
  • 40 - 60% in labor time saved

Real-Time Marketing

Boost your sales with SIRL’s Real-Time Marketing solution enables retailers to send location-based recommendations and promotions in real time.

Key Features​

  • Send a recommendation based on dwell time within a zone
  • Send a recommendation based on customer’s personalized preferences and drive traffic to other areas of your store.
  • SIRL’s “Take Me There” button is designed to make retrieving an offer as convenient as possible by providing step-by-step navigation to the product.

Mapping Tool​

SIRL integrates with existing store planograms and provides a simple employee companion app to update your planograms in real time. If you don't have planograms SIRL's companion app will create them for you.​

Simply scan your products and their location will automatically be updated to the cloud in real time.

Powerful Visual Analytics