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Indoor GPS & traffic analytics platform for physical stores.

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What is SIRL?

SIRL is a digital solution used to precisely locate and connect products and people inside brick and mortar retail stores. This mobile solution improves the customer experience and employee efficiency while generating unique data streams aimed at increasing sales conversion and reducing operating costs.

Journey maps

Visualize a customer’s path to purchase. Compare dwell locations with purchases

Customer behavior

Recognize areas to enhance conversion through merchandizingand services


Monitor and improve employee utilization and increase customer service

Realtime tracking

Leverage a customers profile just like you would online and provide a personalized experience

Traffic Analytics

Identify dead zones in your store

Recognize areas to improve assortment, pricing and product placement

Identify missed opportunities to convert greater sales

Delight your customers

Help customers find what they want with precise indoor navigation. Enable customers to call for assistance from their mobile device. Reroute employees to customers on demand. Provide your customers with personalized offers on the go

Search for

Build a
shopping list

Navigate an
optimal route


Provide optimized pick and pack routes for order fulfilment

Pick multiple orders at a time

Real time results

2x or greater in labor time saved

Heatmap shows customers spend the most time in Aisle 3

In-store PoP display tracking

Remotely track display locations​

Identify missing or misplaced displays

Track number of display visits

Monitor effectiveness of display positioning

2x - 9x increase in sales

SIRL's unique IoT technology

SIRL produces its own proprietary hardware and SDK, enabling class leading accuracy and reliability. SIRL provides 3 service layers:


The cloud software layer contains our retail analytics dashboard

Aggregate and visualize real-time location data that retailers don't have access to today.

We create location triggered actionable insights for retailers to increase omni-channel sales.  


We deploy our own in-house proprietary hardware

Our small BLE "satellite" stickers can be placed almost anywhere (walls, shelves etc...).

Battery powered with 5+ year lifespan.


We provide an SDK for integration with a retailers app

Much of our secret sauce is contained in our proprietary algorithm embedded within our SDK which enables us to provide best in class accuracy.


SIRL produces its own proprietary hardware and SDK, enabling class leading accuracy and reliability. SIRL provides 3 service layers:

SIRL satellites are low-cost with up to 5+ year battery lifespan

A SIRL SDK can be easily integrated into an existing mobile app

SIRL does not require finger printing

A store can be set up in a matter of hours

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