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Indoor GPS & traffic analytics platform for physical stores.

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Indoor Wayfinding brings essential convenience to your customers and the ability to provide them with a personalized experience in real-time.

SIRL’s Indoor GPS solution provides ecommerce levels of convenience and personalization to your customers. Make your stores searchable with step-by-step route guidance and avoid up to 10% in missed sales. Send personalized recommendations in real time while your customers are making their purchasing decisions.


SIRL’s wayfinding solution is helping customers save time and retailers avoid missed sales from customers who cannot find their products.

Key Features

  • Navigate customers to within 12 inches of a product

  • Provide optimized routes for shopping lists, so customers can find their products with the shortest path

  • Advanced routing UX, including multi-floor map handling

Real-Time Marketing

Boost your sales with SIRL’s Real-Time Marketing solution enables retailers to send location based recommendations and promotions in real time.

Key Features

  • Send a recommendation based on dwell time within a zone

  • Send a recommendation based on customer’s personalized preferences and drive traffic to other areas of your store.

  • SIRL’s “Take Me There” button is designed to make retrieving an offer as convenient as possible by providing step-by-step navigation to the product.

Pick & Pack

Provide optimized pick and pack routes for order fulfilment

  • Pick multiple orders at a time

  • Real time results

  • 40 - 60% in labor time saved

Planogram Mapping Tool

SIRL integrates with existing store planograms and provides a simple employee companion app to update your planograms in real time. If you don't have planograms SIRL's companion app will create them for you.

Simply scan your products and their location will automatically be updated to the cloud in real time.

Powerful dashboard

Convert More Sales

Understand traffic, dwell and sales conversion counts by each section of your store. Inform merchandising, store layout and operations.

Review Category & Product Performance

Planogram and point of sales integration provides for direct sales attribution and performance measurements down to the individual category and product level.

Visualize Shopper Behavior

View heat maps and drill down into time spent by each store section with user friendly and interactive charts.Visualize by time of day and trends over time.

Real-Time Actionable Insight

Receive store critical operations alerts in real-time and
take action.

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