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Using mobile devices to determine a micro-location in a physical space and to seamlessly interact with objects around you.


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How it Works:


Proprietary AI-enabled Indoor Positioning System (AI-ips) that allows for low cost and high accuracy (within 12 inches) local positioning.

A seamless, user-friendly mobile app that allows you to search, identify and interact with objects near you. AI-ips system can be used with a large variety of existing wireless technologies, such as BLE, WiFi, Ultrasound, and ultra wide band. 

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Improving the Shopping Experience


Precisely find what is needed.

Getting useful and money saving information.

Getting help when is required.

Scan and Go / Self checkout.

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Increasing Retailer Efficiency


Order selecting for delivery or store pickup (BOPS). 

Inventory display/replenishment.

Realtime store human resource management.

Product and category location changes.

Integration with mobile self-checkout.

Realtime short-interval scheduling.

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Cooperative Trade Promotion at Purchase Decision Time/Place


Deliver promotions at consumer location

Promote and sell more using micro location intelligence

Know where your customer is to drive new buying behaviors   

Augmented reality options for more richer interactions


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Business Intelligence and Planning Benefits

Real time and historical analytics

Location and time based analysis of customers and employees 

 Analytics for any indoor environment (Retail, Office, Events location)

New offers and services based on usage 


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Product Supplier Vendor Benefits


Improved inventory management

Improve product placement

Optimized incentives and promotions

Optimized online to in-store services (delivery, pickup etc)

Optimized supplier product selection and placement


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       See SIRL in action in a real supermarket. 

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