SIRL Auto Innovates for the Passenger Economy

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by Jessica Kim

The increasing adoption of Mobility-as-a-Service, car sharing and sophistication in computing and connectivity technologies are transforming the transportation industry. These developments have opened a new market termed “Passenger Economy”, a massive economic and societal value which will be generated by autonomous pilotless vehicles in the near future.

Per Intel and Strategy Analytics’ research, the autonomous driving technology will stimulate the emergence of new Mobility-as-a-Service offerings which will enable a new Passenger Economy worth $7 trillion by 2050. Cars will be transformed from simple modes of transportation, into highly customizable experiences.

This is where SIRL’s In-Car AI technology comes into play. As society move towards ownerless vehicles, creating a personalized and frictionless in-car experience for passengers will be imperative.        

Combined with a robust, AI-enhanced software control plane, SIRL seamlessly integrates passengers’ mobile devices with vehicles and creates virtual zones that can identify in real-time who is inside a vehicle and where they are seated. This technology enables instant automation of vehicle settings and infotainment for each passenger, enhancing the passenger experience in ride-sharing and fully autonomous cars.

The new Passenger Economy poses a huge opportunity for SIRL. SIRL will strive to ensure passengers’ in-car experiences to be the true extension of their digitally connected lifestyle. SIRL is exploring partnerships with auto manufacturers, and tier one auto suppliers to implement its technology.