Improving Retailer's BOPS Process

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by Roxanne Hersh

Convenience. It is something consumers demand today, as they have come to expect an Amazon-like efficiency in all aspects of their shopping experiences. Customers want options that fit their personal lifestyles and needs. They want same day delivery, free shipping, and another growing trend called buy online pickup in store, or BOPS. Among the top reasons for this growing trend is the immediate need for an item, and the opportunity to save on shipping costs.

Retailers have seen BOPS orders increase drastically. In a recent study by internetRETAILER®, 79% of Walmart shoppers confirm they have used the retailer’s click-and-collect service. Best Buy (52%) was a relatively distant second, with Target (49%), Kohl’s (31%), and Home Depot (23%) rounding out the top five. This number will continue to grow as our world becomes more connected.

Retailers can leverage the fact that they have brick and mortar locations to meet these consumer demands. Essentially, retailers are using their stores as mini fulfillment centers to get products to their customers faster- this is the brick and mortar competitive advantage. (For example, 90% of Americans live within 15 minutes of a Walmart.)  Not only does this create convenience for the customer, but the process benefits the retailer as well, as BOPS orders lead to cost savings on shipping as well as incremental foot traffic. In fact, according to a study by the Wall Street Journal, 45% of customers will make an additional purchase when picking up a BOPS order, this number jumps to 69% during the holiday season. In the retail environment today, it is imperative that stores have an efficient and reliable BOPS process in place.

At SIRL, we have found a way to automate and bring AI to the BOPS process, so that retailers can handle a high volume of orders and can pick these orders in record time. Using our AI-enabled Indoor Positioning System (AI-ips), SIRL creates optimized routes and aids store employees in the pick and pack process. These efficiencies help retailers to (1) cut costs by reducing the number of dedicated staff needed to pick BOPS orders, and (2) significantly reduce the time it takes to get products to the customer. SIRL is a tool all retailers will need to compete in today’s retail landscape.

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