Core Tech
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AI-enabled Indoor Positioning System (AI-ips)


SIRL's key innovation is its AI-enabled Indoor Positioning System (AI-ips) that uses a self-learning algorithm to automatically adapt to any environment and enable less-than-12-inch positioning accuracy. SIRL’s AI-ips system can be used with a large variety of existing wireless technologies, such as BLE, WiFi, Ultrasound, and ultra wide band.

There are numerous IPS technologies available on the market. Each of them is strong in some application scenarios, and weak in other scenarios. They all have advantages and disadvantages. While some of these techniques can be finely calibrated to achieve very high accuracy in a specific environment, it is very difficult to apply that calibration across different environments or a constantly changing environment.

SIRL's AI-ips is an AI-based platform that automatically self-learns the environment and adjusts the algorithm to tailor it to a specific environment. With this approach, SIRL provides high accuracy 3D locationing services across different environments and devices. SIRL is an open platform that can integrate into existing hardware solutions that are prevalent in the marketplace. SIRL’s first product is a BLE-based solution that significantly improves upon existing BLE techniques, enabling us to achieve 12-inch accuracy.

Being able to achieve this high accuracy at scale enables SIRL to support applications that other technologies cannot provide. Twelves inches is about the size of a single step. For a person using a SIRL enabled smartphone, we can track each step that they take through the physical world and offer hyper localized location-based services, seamlessly uniting their physical and digital world experiences.